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The top 5 health food shops to fuel your North London personal training sessions

There is little point in putting in the hours at your personal training session if you don’t fuel your body in the best possible way to help you achieve the results you want. Whether you’re a strict vegan or vegetarian, gluten or dairy free, or you’ll eat anything but just want to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, then health food shops could be the way forward.

The good news is, in this new era of health consciousness, it is a whole lot easier to find specialist food stores to suit almost any dietary lifestyle you choose, and especially in North London.

Looking for recommendations of where you can find good quality organic fruit and vegetables, sustainably sourced meat and fish and more nutritional supplements than you can shake a stick at and all within close proximity to your North London personal training base? What follows is almost certainly for you!

1. Earth Natural Foods

Located conveniently in Kentish Town, Earth Natural Foods literally has it all when it comes to healthy nutritional options. From organic fruit and veg, to frozen foods and homemade takeaways, you could comfortably manage your weekly shop in this store.

They also do an excellent range of probiotic supplements which can help alleviate a multitude of health complaints. If that wasn’t enough to entice you in, they also offer delivery of their entire product range to most areas of North London.

             healthy food organic shop store London vegetables
2. Bumblebee Wholefood CO-OP

“Since 1980, Bumblebee Natural Foods has set out to sell natural food, remedies and household products that are healthier for you and healthier for the environment.” A pretty good company tagline if you ask me!

Equipped with a veg shop, bakery, deli and nut shop, this store certainly has a lot to offer its health conscious shoppers. Sourcing as much local and seasonal produce as possible seems to be the name of the game at Bumblebee, which means they know exactly where its coming from and what’s in it. Their veg bag delivery service means your order can be waiting for you at home when you get back from another tough personal training session.
                       healthy food organic shop store London vegetables

3. Planet Organic

Slightly more supermarket like than the independent providers above, Planet Organic has North London based shops in Muswell Hill and Islington as well as offering a seamless online customer experience with London wide delivery.

            healthy food organic shop store London vegetables
4. Wholefoods Market

With London wide coverage including a store in Camden, Wholefoods market believe that living well starts with eating well. That means they are committed to selling food products free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners. What better way to recover from you personal training workout than with food mother nature intended you to eat!

Much like the other options on this list, they also offer delivery services for city postcodes.

       healthy food organic shop store London vegetables
5. Holland and Barrett

With multiple North London branches, Holland and Barrett offer a wide range of nutritional products including dried fruit, nuts and seeds, vegan options and superfoods. Perhaps the best option on the list for sports specific nutritional supplements, including protein powders, amino acids and even pre workout products.

The multinational nature and size of the company means they probably offer better value for money than the independent options above.

We would never advocate using supplements as a replacement for food so if you have the time, always go for something natural. Health stores are a great place to go if you’re struggling to hit your nutritional goals within your everyday meals. Top up on vital vitamins and minerals, or grab some protein powder for when you’re on the move after a tough person training session!

                       healthy food organic shop store London vegetables