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The Olympic Park challenges a stone's throw from your Haggerston personal training sessions

 Wondering why you keep putting yourself through the pain of your Haggerston personal training sessions? Struggling for motivation to continue those early morning and late evening beastings? Sign up to one of these Olympic Park challenges to push you to the next level.
Legacy, legacy, legacy! Okay we get it, the London 2012 Olympic Games was about more than just the two weeks of top sports competition. It was about redevelopment, community projects and inspiring future generations.
Even the biggest scrooges among you will have to admit that the continuing use of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for all kinds of different sporting events and community sports has been a hugely successful part of this legacy.
There are tons of sporting challenges on offer for individuals of all abilities.Whether you want to test your physical capacity to the limit or simply just have fun, there is something for everyone! From running races taking in all the major 2012 venues, cycling events in the shadow of the Olympic velodrome or swimming galas in the aquatics centre, most bases are covered.
Looking for a physical challenge to help motivate your personal training  sessions and make all that pain slightly more bearable? Why not sign up to one of the following Olympic Park events just a stone's throw from our Life Square personal training centre.

1. Winter 10K series- Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Monthly 10K races around the Olympic Park which incorporate all the major 2012 venues. This event takes place on the first Saturday of each month throughout the year and is split into a 6 month summer series and a 6 month winter series.
The flat course makes this perfect as an introduction to middle distance running or a great opportunity to push yourself to the limit in search of a personal best. So, whether you’re just starting out on your personal training journey, or you’re a seasoned veteran, get online and sign up. What better way to motivate your personal training than to tread the footsteps of some of the greatest athletes in history!

2. Velopark duathlon

Always wanted to do a triathlon but worried you might drown during the swimming leg? Join the club. Fear not, there could be the perfect event out there for you which you didn’t even know existed. The duathlon!
A run-bike-run extravaganza taking place on the closed road circuit of the velopark which surrounds the 2012 Olympic velodrome, this event has mixed adult, women’s and children’s race options and is suitable for all abilities.
A multi discipline event which offers a great test of endurance for even the most serious fitness addicts. Like the idea of the physical challenge but prefer the social aspect of team sports environments…? Why not sign up to one of the team events with friends or training partners from your sessions?

3. Marathon Swims

Looking for something which takes a little less toll on the joints but still offers a real physical test? The Marathon Swim events taking place at the London 2012 Aquatics centre in the heart of the Olympic Park could be exactly what you’re looking for.
With race options ranging from the 1K challenge and 5K ‘half marathons’ to individual and team 10K ‘marathons’, there are events for those just starting out in long distance swimming and those looking to really test their endurance. A block of personal training sessions could be the perfect preparation for any and all of these swimathons…
There are loads of fitness challenges out there for you to get stuck in to. The three above are just some of those available to anyone and everyone, no matter their physical capacity. Looking for something a little different? Get on Google and find your perfect match!