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Combine your personal training session with the best physiotherapy treatment in Highbury and Islington

Tough personal training sessions and good quality physiotherapy treatment go hand in hand like poached eggs and avocado. If you want to create the best physical version of yourself then you need to commit as much time to manage the health of your body as you do to training it into submission.


Aches, pains are part and parcel of any personal training session, and if you enjoy participating in contact sports like rugby or like to push your body to its limits in events like the marathon, then serious injuries can happen.

This comprehensive list of physiotherapy clinics a stone’s throw from your North London personal training sessions will help you find the right treatment for you!

1. Angel N1 Clinic- Complete Physio

Complete Physio is a group of private physiotherapy clinics providing a full and comprehensive list of treatments including sports injury management, osteopathy and shockwave therapy. At just 5 minutes from Angel tube station, it is perfectly located within the Islington area and only 20 minutes walk from our Life Square Personal Training Centre.

physiotherapy massage rehabilitation London treatment

2. Angel sports injury and physiotherapy clinic

Specialising in sports injury management and post-surgical rehabilitation, offering treatment of soft tissue sprains, acute and chronic issues and biomechanical dysfunctions.

With X-ray facilities onsite this could be the best option if you suspect you may have suffered a bone fracture.

physiotherapy massage rehabilitation London treatment

3. Physio Solutions

The “goal is to optimise your function whatever that may mean for you-it might be completing that triathlon you’ve been training for or being able to play with your grandchildren.”

So regardless of where you are on your personal training journey, this Islington based physiotherapy clinic could be the perfect solution to your musculoskeletal pain. Easily accessed from your North London training base, why not pop in to arrange an initial consultation on your way home from a tough session.

physiotherapy massage rehabilitation London treatment

4. PhysioComesToYou

As the name suggests, this is a physiotherapy service which comes to your home or place of work to provide a broad range of treatment options.

Covering Islington and surrounding areas including Highbury, this could be the ideal physiotherapy solution if you are a little short on time, or simply in so much discomfort that leaving your home presents a real issue.

It is a little more expensive than the other options on this list, but you pay for the convenience of not having to leave your home or place of work to access treatment, which for many, is well worth the extra expense.

physiotherapy massage rehabilitation London treatment
5. MSK Physiotherapy

The only NHS provider on this list, MSK physiotherapy operates from two Islington based centres: Holloway Health Centre and Finsbury Health Centre.

If you are in need of an acute or chronic injury assessment and treatment, or help with your ongoing rehabilitation but you can’t afford to seek private care then MSK could be the best option for you. At under 2 miles from the Life Square Personal Training Centre, the Holloway Health Centre is a convenient location for your physiotherapy sessions.

Whether you’re back has been giving you stick for years, or your new training regime has left your body in pieces, there are plenty of physiotherapy options in Highbury and Islington to help put you back together.

physiotherapy massage rehabilitation London treatment