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3 East London physical challenges to motivate your Hackney based personal training sessions

It takes a very special mindset to motivate yourself for regular personal training without an end goal or target in mind.


Even the Olympic athlete dreams of standing atop the medal podium in four years time, the professional footballer of lifting the Premier League title at the end of a draining season. Okay, so maybe these goals are a little out of your reach, but you get the idea. Why not set realistic but demanding targets for your personal training sessions?

There are few better ways of achieving this goal than through physical challenges. How many people do you know who sign up for the London Marathon so they actually have a reason to pound the streets hour after hour in the depths of winter. People have an inherent desire not to embarrass themselves when undertaking physical challenges, and the fear of doing so can act as serious motivation when training for them.

Why not sign up to one of the following North London physical challenges and push your personal training sessions to the next level.

1.Tough Mudder

There are few better ways of testing your all-round strength and endurance than the ever popular Tough Mudder challenges which tour the country.

April 2019 sees the 5km version of this energy-sapping obstacle course come to Finsbury Park. Why not tailor your personal training sessions to a goal of completing a Tough Mudder?

Drag along friends or family and get involved as a team, or sign up on your own and tackle the course as a lone wolf. Either way, this event is just 2 miles from the Life Square Personal Training Centre. How about that for motivation?

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2. Craft beers of the East End

I have to admit, on first impressions, this sounds more like a drinking challenge than a physical one. However, if you’re after a slightly more gentle introduction to the world of running challenges and you like the idea of rewarding yourself with the odd pint as you go, then this could be for you.

A gentle 8km run starting in Shoreditch and finishing at Hackney Wick with intermittent stops to taste the local beers, this is the perfect social introduction to running. What’s more, you can discover some of the best places in the area to whet the whistle after your local personal training session on a Friday evening.

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3. GO TRI East London Duathlon

For those more experienced trainers among you and those more serious about your fitness challenges, why not sign up to a Duathlon. A combination of running and cycling, this represents a real test of endurance for even the most committed athletes.

The fact this event takes place in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, home of the awe-inspiring London 2012 Olympics should be motivation enough to do the hard yards in your personal training sessions.

These three challenges are a great fit for anyone who is interested in staying fit and healthy, particularly if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey. The world of physical challenges in East London, is not, however, limited to a tough mudder, leisurely beer drinking tour or duathlon! Unbelievable I know. If none of these options take your fancy, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a challenge out there for you. Get on Google and search away!

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