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Top 5 vegan restaurants to refuel after your personal training session in Islington

I will start this off with a confession, I am not a vegan. However, I have been known to go green on a meal or two a week, or month….

With that being said there are few subjects in the health and fitness world which currently attract more attention then the vegan diet. From aiding weight loss, to reducing your chances of developing serious health issues such as heart disease and even some cancers, the benefits of sticking to a diet free of animal products seem to be broad and far reaching.
In combination with regular personal training sessions, the changes you can experience in both physical and mental well being through a more plant based diet are enormous. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly simple to source the ingredients to cook vegan recipes in your own home, and even better, the quality of vegan food in our restaurants is improving at a rapid rate.

So if you’re like me and you like to treat yourself to a meal out once in a while, why not go plant based for a change. Islington has some of the best vegan offerings in London, which makes it the perfect option to refuel after your next tough Islington personal training session. Now, not all of the dining options which follow are vegan only restaurants, but they sure as anything, offer some delicious vegan options as part of their daily menus.

1. The Gate
Perhaps one of the first upmarket vegetarian restaurants in London to be really successful and it’s within walking distance of our Islington personal training centre. Serving only vegetarian and vegan dishes, The Gate tends to give classic plates you might find on omnivorous menus a plant based twist. Whether you choose from the a la carte menu, weekend brunch or Sunday roast option you can’t go too far wrong. With nothing on the menu for more than £16, it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

vegan gate restaurant food islington

2. Little Viet Kitchen
Vietnamese cuisine has some of the tastiest vegan and vegetarian options on offer. Ranked as one of the best eateries in Islington full stop, The Little Viet Kitchen is a must visit lunch or dinner spot. Where better to eat clean and refuel after your latest Islington personal training session. Mix and match with the variety of street food small plates or take on one of the restaurants popular home comfort or curry dishes.

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3. Salt the Radish 
Okay, I admit, this is strictly speaking not in Islington but it’s definitely worth exploring a little further afield for your vegan hit. Why not cycle the 2 miles from our Islington personal training base as part of your active recovery...? Whilst this delightful little cafe doesn’t offer a strict vegan only menu, there are some delicious plant based options available.
Eating vegan or veggie is fast becoming a way of life. There’s no reason why your choices for eating out should be limited and this snapshot of Islington’s plant based foodie scene is evidence of exactly that. So whether you’re a lifelong vegan or just trying to cut down on meat, check out one of the great restaurants above!

                                      food vegan salt the raddish

4. Udderlicious
Now, we’re firmly back in the heart of Islington with this option. The only surprise being that it’s taken this long to suggest a dessert offering. What better to get your sweet tooth fix after a delicious vegan lunch or dinner in Islington than a delicious vegan ice cream in Islington. The 20 minute walk from the Life Square Personal Training Studio is the perfect pre ice cream calorie burner.

udderlicious icecream flower vegan food

5. Ginger and Lime juice bar
If you’re pushed for time after your pre work or lunch hour personal training session, why not check out Ginger and Lime juice bar. Offering all kinds of different drink options from protein smoothies (great for recovery) and superfood smoothies to simple juices, you should be able to find something which takes your fancy.

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