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The Best Sports Massage Therapists in North London

At the end of a hard training session at our Islington studio it is only natural for your muscles to feel stiff and sore. If they don’t then please share your secret! Whether you are training to improve your general health or to improve your performance as an athlete, massage is a great way to help yourself bounce back from soreness quickly so that you can continue to push your body day after day.
Everybody from elite athletes to social sport specialists suffer from muscle soreness every now and then, and in order to get the best training results, you need to keep yourself in tip top shape.
Here is a list of massage therapists around London that can help to return and keep you at your peak performance level!

  1. North London Massage 
Based just a few minutes’ walk from Highbury and Islington Station, Paul Adamson is an expert in deep tissue massage, holding the highest attainable accreditation in sports and remedial massage. As a physically active man interested in cycling and swimming, he knows the aches and pains associated with pushing yourself during training. With over 10 years of experience, you’re sure to be feeling loose and limber after a session with him. Just look at his Google reviews if you need further convincing.
  1. Breathe London 
With therapists based in both Waterloo and Covent Garden, getting to Breathe London might be a bit more of a trek for some of you, but it is definitely worthwhile.
Breathe London have therapists who offer expertise in many different types of massage. So, whether you need a deep tissue sports massage, a relaxing Swedish massage, or anything in between, then these are your go to guys!
  1. Ultra Sports Clinic 
A one stop shop for all things recovery, Ultra Sports Clinic provides top class services ranging from sports massage, to biokinetics, to acupuncture and dry needling.
Having worked with elite level clients as varied as the English cricket team, the Lions rugby team and the Davis and Fed Cup tennis tournaments you know that you’ll be receiving a world-class standard of service. Plus, with the clinic being just a short walk from Bank Station you can receive it right on your doorstep!
  1. TurnAround Therapy 
Back in North London, TurnAround Therapy is a top sports massage clinic located on Hornsey Road.
Their specialist sports massage treatment provides you with not only a top-quality massage, but they also provide you with stretches and strength exercises to help prevent any niggling aches and injuries from coming back, allowing you to give it all you’ve got at your next training session!