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The Importance of Having a Coach

Some people like having a coach to guide and motivate them through their workouts, while others prefer to go it alone and learn about fitness and exercise as they workout. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer to the question of having a coach or not, but the positives of having a coach definitely outweigh the negatives.

We’re here to tell you some of the advantages of having a coach and why it’s something that you should invest in!

Training Structure

Coaches can provide you with a plan of attack for your workouts that most people just can’t create by themselves. Coaches are just on focused on helping you reach your goals as you are.

Most people who go to the gym aim to target a certain area of the body during a session, whether that be arms, chest, cardio or anything else. The problem with this is that most gym goers aren’t training experts, so they aren’t sure how many reps and sets they should be doing of an exercise, or with how much weight.

Coaches can provide you with physical testing and a proper workout plan to seriously maximise your gains and make the most of your time in the gym.


Have you ever been sitting at work all day telling yourself that you’ll go to the gym after work, but then crash as soon as you clock off? What about sitting at home all day procrastinating from going to the gym because you just can’t be bothered? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! It can be tough to stay motivated for a session at the gym after a long, hard day.

This is where a coach is absolutely brilliant. If you have a set appointment with them then you’ve already made the commitment to go to the gym, not just to yourself but also to your coach. Coaches make you get up off the couch and out to the gym!

Another aspect of motivation that coaches positively impact is when you’re actually working out. If you’re by yourself it can be difficult to give 100% for that last sprint or set, but having a coach there watching your every move can encourage you to really give the session your all and get the best possible results.

They help you form good habits

Have you ever seen the people who wander into the gym, drift from machine to machine for 15 minutes, snap a pic for social media and leave? What about the ones who are lifting too much weight with bad form that could lead to injury? For all we know you could even be one of these people!

When having a coach in the gym, it quickly becomes a place for hard work and effort. You can take that intensity into any extra sessions that you might be doing alone to ensure that you’re not wasting any time or money when you workout.

Coaches also ensure that you have the correct form and technique when you use weights, meaning that you’re less likely to injure yourself and more likely to properly target the muscles that you want to.

There are so many advantages to employing a coach, but these are three of the biggest. So, bite the bullet and find a coach with us today!