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We offer online sports and nutritional coaching. On the same principle as our online or indoor sports lessons, our professional coaches will make you work remotely. Your program will be fully personalized and you will be constantly supported. Lifesquare implements all the tools to make your life easier. Online courses are a real time saver and remain just as effective. You can of course alternate the remote and live sports sessions. Online coaching offers great flexibility and will allow you to facilitate the integration of a sports activity into your planning. Our team is committed to helping you get the best results from you as quickly as possible. Online coaching allows you to continue your program anywhere. If you want to practice and carry out your sports sessions while on the go, this will be entirely possible with our online programs.

Altère Cours en ligne par Lifesquare Fitness
Cours en ligne par Lifesquare Fitness

How is my online sports session going?

An assessment will be made in advance to determine your goals and your pace of life. We will approach the nutritional aspect in addition to your sports program. Weight loss, getting back in shape or gaining muscle mass all our programs are suitable for online coaching. We determine together a time slot in order to carry out the session. We give you all the information you need to connect to the video conferencing tool. During the online session, the coach will accompany you on all your exercises to motivate you and ensure the successful completion of the sports program in order to be efficient and optimize working time. The sessions take place in the same format, we will adapt the exercises if you do not have equipment. Online coaching is a real alternative for those who are running out of time.

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