it is all about balance

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LifeSquare Fitness offers full packages of personal training, nutritional plans and lifestyle advice to all people, from beginners to advanced athletes.

After completing my bachelor's degree in Sport Science within France, I have had the oportunity to train people all around the world. After working in DubaÏ, as well as training student athletes in California, I am now based in London Islington and have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goal.

The goal is not to kill yourself for 2 hours a day in a gym, eating next to nothing for couples of months, until you finally burnout and give up.

The key is to find a balance between your training and your lifestyle for you be able to enjoy it. If you enjoy your training and make it substainable you will get results.

Remember it's a long distance run not a sprint! 
In the end, it’s all about balance
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Despina has been working in the fitness industry and been a personal trainer in Islington for the past 5 years.
She has managed to achieve impressive results with a huge variety of clients. People getting married and needing that wedding body in a short deadline, to investment bankers with minimum time to train. She had managed to organize their nutrition and lifestyle.
Her expertise in weight lifting, especially, helps her clients achieve amazing body shapes. Despina is the woman for you if you want to lose body fat and sculpt your body in a way that makes you feel great.

My main goal is to help my clients love themselves. Waking up in the morning and not judging what you see in the mirror. Having a healthy relationship with food and rewarding yourself with working out in a way that gives you a sense of achievement and accomplishment.
At the end It’s all about balance!